Lesley, your new audio journal

Your audio journal

Life is a flow of moments, experiences, and hidden gems of knowledge and insight. With journaling, you can access the gems of your life.

Lesley is your private, secure and portable audio journal to reflect on your experiences, emphasize on the positives and improve your mindfulness.


Your guided journal

Do you wonder where or how to start journaling? Discover clinically based guided journaling; it is therapeutic help that doesn’t feel like therapeutic help.

Lesley will guide you through what you are experiencing with hand curated programmes spanning multiple days of guided journaling. Your self care will be at your fingertips.

Your private journal

Are you worried about privacy in this increasingly digital age? Rest assured, with Lesley, your data is safe and secure. No one (not even us!) can access your journal. Only you, on your device, can access your journal.

Lesley uses military grade encryption on your device to encrypt your entries and the access key stays with you. You can also lock your entries behind biometric verification on your device.


Your smart journal

Do you, like us, always forget things and need nudges and reminders? Maybe you sometimes need a motivation boost or would like to reminisce and read your journal entries?

Lesley has you covered with daily reminders to record, personalised motivational quotes and transcripts of your audio entries.

Your journal, your journey

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